Spinal Disc Herniation & Sitting

spinal disc herniation

Spinal Disc Herniation & Sitting

When most people are in pain, their first instinct is to find a place to sit down. But for many spinal conditions, such as a herniated disc, sitting can make the pain even worse. In this article, we will talk about herniated discs in the spine as they relate to sitting. Can sitting cause a disc to herniate? Will sitting help or hinder an already existing herniated disc? Read on to learn more.

Can Sitting Cause a Disc Herniation?

The act of sitting itself is not likely to cause a herniated disc. Spinal discs herniate for a variety of reasons, including acute injuries and degenerative spine conditions, but simply sitting for long periods of time is typically not enough to cause a disc to herniate or bulge.

That being said, sitting can exacerbate an existing disc herniation in the spine. Especially for herniated discs in the lower back, sitting can increase pain and other bulging disc symptoms. This is because sitting down puts more tension on the nerves in the lumbar spine.

Symptoms that Require a Doctor’s Appointment

If you are experiencing low back pain and other symptoms like tingling and numbness when you sit for extended periods of time, you may have a herniated spinal disc. These symptoms are a sign that you need to make an appointment with a spinal specialist to get a full diagnosis and treatment plan. Herniated discs are particularly dangerous because they can cause nerve damage in the spine – which can potentially lead to paralysis.

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