Can Slipped Disc Pain Come & Go?

slipped spinal disc

Can Slipped Disc Pain Come & Go?

Slipped (or herniated) discs in the spine are a common cause of back pain and other symptoms. They can also cause serious issues and should be identified and treated as soon as possible. In this article, we are going to talk about how pain from a slipped spinal disc can manifest – and when to seek treatment for your spinal disc pain.

The Nature of Slipped Disc Pain

A slipped disc occurs when a spinal disc bulges out of place and interferes with the tissues, muscles, and nerves surrounding the spinal cord. Slipped spinal discs can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Acute injury – car accidents, sports injuries, slip & fall accidents, etc.
  • Spinal Disc Degeneration over time
  • Other, pre-existing conditions

Regardless of their cause, slipped discs often lead to pain, numbness, and loss of mobility. The pain caused by a slipped disc in the spine can vary significantly by patient. Some will experience constant sharp back pain, while others may notice milder pain that recurs over time. It’s largely a matter of how the herniated disc is interacting with the spinal nerves and surrounding structures. Slipped disc pain can be a constant, or it can come and go over time. It’s all very patient-specific, which is all the more reason to visit a spine specialist if you suspect you have a bulging disc.

Treating Slipped Spinal Discs with Surgery

Herniated discs in the spine need to be taken very seriously. Ignoring them can lead to immense pain, and even paralysis if any nerves are impacted. Often the best way to treat a slipped spinal disc is with minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery. Other treatment methods like physical therapy, chiropractic, and pain medications can help temporarily alleviate the symptoms of a bulging disc, but these methods do nothing to address the root of the problem. Using a minimally invasive keyhole procedure, a spine surgeon can go in and remove part or all of the spinal disc so that it doesn’t negatively interact with the surrounding structures of the spine (i.e. the nerves, tissues, etc.).

Inspired Spine has developed minimally invasive keyhole surgical techniques that are revolutionizing the field of spine surgery. Compared to other procedures, Inspired Spine surgeries allow your surgeon to make smaller incisions and finish the surgery in a shorter amount of time. As a result, patients experience less pain, and quicker recovery times.

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