National Leader in Spine Health & Surgery

National Leader in Spine Health & Surgery


Inspired Spine patients tell their own stories

Inspired Spine is truly inspired by our patients. Everything we do, every advancement we create in spinal treatment, is designed to make minimally invasive spinal care easier on you.

For all the people who are afraid of back surgery, who’ve been told “there’s nothing that can be done”, or who depend on narcotics for pain relief, we are inspired to make a difference in their lives.

We hope you’re inspired by their stories, too.

The key to easier treatment and faster recovery

Rosie’s minimally invasive keyhole procedure was so much easier than Dave’s. Dave had undergone a traditional open spinal fusion that cut through 6 or 7 inches of back and stomach muscle and left him recovering for months. When Rosie’s back acted up, she knew she didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering that he had endured. With Inspired Spine and a keyhole incision smaller than a dime, she didn’t have to. Rosie was able to return to work just 3 weeks after surgery.

The key to finally getting her life back

Walking, sitting, standing, sleeping – just about everything – was painful for Mary. But as an x-ray technician, she had heard too many horror stories from people complaining that back surgery was “the worst thing they had ever done”. She didn’t want to go through the “filleting” of back muscle, long painful recovery and uncertain outcome of open spine surgery. So, she endured for 12 long painful years on epidural injections. When Mary found she could get pain relief and be up and walking within a couple hours of surgery, she cried with joy.

The key to walking again

The doctors told Colleen that the surgery she needed to fix her degenerative scoliosis would kill her. She was bedridden with constant pain even narcotics couldn’t control, until her family found Inspired Spine Keyhole Surgery. Now Colleen lives a whole different life at her senior center – mobile, active and pain-free.

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