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Minnesota's Leading Spine Center


Minnesota's Leading Spine Center

OLLIF: An Innovation in Lumbar Fusion

Inspired Spine has raised the standard of care for treating the most complex spinal conditions with our unique advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures which make your recovery faster and easier.

Inspired Spine’s Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLLIF) procedure is a demonstrably safer and more reliable outpatient surgery that delivers immediate and permanent pain relief.

96% of Inspired Spine OLLIF patients are walking without assistance within 24 hours after surgery and are back to performing normal daily activities in 2-4 Weeks.

OLLIF vs. Traditional Lumbar Fusion

Traditional spine surgery techniques are typically high-risk in-patient procedures requiring 3-4 hours in the operating room, followed by a 3-5 day hospital stay and an 18-24 week recovery period.

Inspired Spine’s OLLIF technique delivers commensurate to superior outcomes to those delivered by traditional approaches with a lower risk 40 minute out-patient procedure which enables most patients to be discharged the same day.

OLLIF: Truly Changing the Spinal Fusion Patient Experience

In the videos below, Hamid R. Abbasi, MD, PhD goes into detail about the technology behind OLLIF and how it has improved the spinal surgery patient experience, creating a faster return to daily life for thousands of patients.

Less Invasive, Faster Recovery
New Approach, New Technology
Get Back to Work Faster
Do You Need Spinal Fusion?

Click here to view the full episode of Dr. Abbasi speaking about OLLIF and modern innovations in spinal care on “The Wellness Hour”.

Our Commitment to Conservative Care

Spinal surgery is never the first choice for back pain treatment. We we will always take the most conservative approach to effectively treat your spine related ailment via non-surgical options. Our Multi-Dimensional Conservative Protocols offer a wide range of non-invasive therapies and pain management services that may relieve your back pain before surgical options are even considered.

Schedule your free consultation today to learn about our conservative back pain treatment path and minimally invasive spinal surgical options.