Inspired Spine 2nd Annual MIS Conference & Cadaver Lab June 26-28, 2017

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We would like to present the opportunity for you to join Dr. Abbasi at this year’s conference in Alexandria MN, where you will be introduced to the Inspired Spine Minimally Invasive Surgical techniques that overcome many of the obstacles current MIS approaches still encounter.


Dr. AbassiInspired Spine is dedicated to the education of surgeons on the most advanced up to date techniques established through evidence based practice and peer reviewed study publications that demonstrate remarkable patient outcomes superior to other techniques still being used.

The end goal is for providers to have the capacity to offer their patients the most advanced care available starting with their initial consult, addressing the completion of a full course of conservative therapy and following through the post-operative recovery period. This is based on the established conservative therapy protocols & diagnostic procedures.

The first day of the event will include a lecture, presentation, and Q&A hosted by Inspired Spine certified spinal surgeon and neurosurgeon, Dr. Hamid R. Abbasi. You will have the opportunity to participate in a live OR observation of Inspired Spine’s Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures. In addition, there will be presentations and discussions regarding all of Inspired Spine’s procedures and the technology of the advanced MIS surgery. In addition, teambuilding, networking activities, and meals, are included in the Inspired Spine’s 3 day educational event.


As mentioned:


At its core, Inspired Spine is truly inspired by the surgeons we work with. Their diversity has made Inspired Spine what it is today; an open access healthcare model that is motivated by the global need for improved clinical outcomes decreases in healthcare expenditures, and a commitment to public health through our educating of surgeons such as you. We work to educate the public in the management of spinal health and disease which will affect 80% of the population at some point in their life.


Having a colleague who is familiar with the procedure to assist you is very beneficial, so we encourage you to invite them to participate as well. After the completion of the conference and multiple hands on cadaver labs, Dr. Abbasi will continue to be a resource to assist you in the process of initiating Inspired Spine Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures within your practice.


To register for the conference, please complete the registration and OR observation forms located in the registration tab and review the conference details tab for information to book your hotel room by the deadline of June 10th to get the group discount rate.


You will also find additional details on costs covered by Inspired Spine during the conference which includes your registration fee as well as suggested flight arrival and departure times to allow for adequate transportation time from the MSP Airport.


Please do not hesitate to contact Kristy Nohl via email at: or directly at (320) 421-9103 with any questions.


On Behalf of Dr. Hamid Abbasi, we look forward to seeing you at the conference!


Kind regards,

The Inspired Spine Team