Conservative Therapy Policy

Over 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Fortunately, most cases will resolve on their own within 6 weeks. Only about 20 percent of those affected by back pain develop chronic pain that restricts their work or daily activities. Even then, the majority of back problems can be resolved with non-surgical options.


Inspired Spine has developed a rigorous Conservative Therapy Policy which ensures that we employ the least invasive treatments available to:


  • Reduce pain and spasm.
  • Provide conditioning for the back.
  • Assist in managing issues frequently associated with back pain, such as sleeplessness or depression.


Treatment options are considered “conservative” when they are non-invasive (such as medication) or markedly less invasive (such as injections, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, or chiropractic manual manipulation) than surgery.


As a general rule, surgery for lower back pain is considered if conservative back treatment fails and the lower back pain and/or leg pain persists for an extended period of time, or if the patient is unable to maintain a satisfactory ability to function in everyday activities. The goal of this policy is to ensure that conservative treatment options are explored prior to surgery with each patient.