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Back Pain Management at Home

Spine Health

Back pain is a common ailment that affects about 80% of all Americans, men and women alike.1 For some, back pain may be the result of an injury or physical problem. For others, it may be just mi ...

Why Spinal Surgery Is A Last Resort

Spine Health

At Inspired Spine, all conservative measures such as physical therapy, heat packs, icing, injections, and manual manipulation are first tried in patients who experience pain or other symptoms re ...

New Testimonial – No More Vicodin After an OLLIF Procedure

Spine Health

Recently Dr. Abbasi interviewed a patient who is only 6 weeks post-OLLIF. She is ecstatic after the procedure. Her pain went away within just a few days. Her back and leg pain has diminished dra ...

5 Ways to Speed Up Recovery from Spinal Surgery

Spine Health

Chronic low back pain, limited mobility, tingling, and numbness in the extremities are all reasons why patients seek out help from a spinal surgeon. Spinal surgery promises to reduce pain, bring ...

Thyroid Problems after Spine Surgery

Spine Health

The thyroid is a very important gland in the neck that secretes and regulates various hormones throughout the body. In this article, we are going to discuss the potential risk of developing a th ...

How Much Walking Should I do Each Day after Surgery?

Spine Health

We’ve talked before about why it’s good to be active while you recover from your minimally invasive keyhole spinal procedure. That means getting off the couch, doing your prescribed exercise ...

2 Safe Ab Exercises To Do After Spine Surgery

Spine Health

Physical therapy is an important part of a successful surgical recovery. But you should be strategic about the specific exercises you do while recovering. Certain stretches and exercises (standa ...

What to do When a Positive Recovery Turns into a Bad Recovery?

Spine Health

Every patient who undergoes spine surgery wants to have the quickest and easiest recovery possible. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a recovery may start going downhill. In this article, we ...

Swelling 2 Years after Spine Surgery

Spine Health

After a minimally invasive keyhole spinal procedure (or any surgery for that matter), patients are hyper-vigilante about recognizing any potential problems that may result from surgery. But typi ...
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    I’m 100 times better. I can move again, I can bend, I can pick up my kids, I can go up and down stairs… it’s just absolutely wonderful.
    I don’t even feel like I had surgery, it was such a good experience.
    Patricia S.Inspired Spine Patient
    I needed to take a pill in order to go to work in the morning. Now my pain is gone.
    Susan M.Inspired Spine Patient