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What Back Pain Exercises Can I Do at Home?

Back Pain & Injuries

For some of us, exercise is a dirty word. It just seems like too much work. But for those who experience back pain — and that’s about 80% of us — exercise can offer significant back pain r ...

What are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain?

Back Pain & Injuries

Back pain is one of the top reasons that people see their doctor or miss work.1 The good news: Most back pain causes are related to conditions that are not serious. And they get better with the ...

What Causes Tingling in Your Hands and Arms?

Back Pain & Injuries

We’ve all experienced it. You wake up in the morning and your arm and fingers are numb. You’ve slept on your arm the “wrong way.” You shake your arm and, within a few minutes, it begins ...

Could Childbirth be Causing Tailbone Pain

Back Pain & Injuries

The birth of your child is supposed to be a painful but joyous day you will never forget. Bringing a newborn into the world starts a new chapter in millions of Americans lives every single year. ...

Incredible Story of Daughter Living in Constant Pain Enthrals Australian Audiences

Back Pain & Injuries

If you are reading this in the United States, you probably won’t have heard of the incredible story of 23 year old Jessica whos harrowing story of Chronic Pain rocked australian Audiences in a ...

Management of Sudden Middle Back Pain

Back Pain & Injuries

Sudden middle back pain can be caused by various situations and conditions that include sudden injury or trauma, or it can be caused by poor posture, straining of the muscles in the back, and de ...

Causes of Back Pain That Moves Around

Back Pain & Injuries

Mechanical low back pain is a very common musculoskeletal problem. In the United States, it is the third most frequently reported symptom, and about 85% of the population will experience mechani ...

It Feels like I have Fireworks Going Off in my Back

Back Pain & Injuries

Recently we had a reader write in with the following question: “It feels like I have fireworks going off in my back – what could be causing this pain?” That’s our topic for this patient ...

Treating Back Pain that Moves Around

Back Pain & Injuries

Figuring out what’s causing your back pain is difficult enough when it’s stationary. But what if your back pain moves around and impacts different areas of the spine over time? This article ...

Can’t Lift Your Toes? Your Spine Could be the Problem

Back Pain & Injuries

  Many people don’t realize is that numbness or loss of feeling in your legs, feet, and toes may actually originate with an issue in the spine. How? That’s what we’ll be investigating ...
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