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Can a Herniated Disc Heal on its Own?

Spine Conditions

A herniated disc is a condition that occurs when a portion of the gelatinous materials inside the disc leaks or is pushed against the spinal column. The result is a persistently severe pain. ...

Where is Facet Joint Pain Felt?

Spine Conditions

Facet joint pain occurs as a result of overuse of the facet joints due to age, injury or arthritis and then result in severe chronic back pain. Facet joint pain is felt in the back all along the ...

Minimally Invasive Surgery For Mid-Back Pain

Back Surgery

Thoracic or mid-level back pain isn’t as common a problem as lower back pain is in the general population. It’s not only a costly medical issue but it can be a debilitating problem that rest ...

Causes and Management of Cervical Cord Compression

Back Surgery

Cervical cord compression occurs when certain conditions and disorders result in compression of the spinal cord where it runs through the spinal bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae). The cause ...

Thoracic Herniated Disc Treatment Protocols

Spine Conditions

Herniation of a thoracic spine disc is a very serious problem. The thoracic spine consists of the 12 spinal bones (vertebrae) which make up the middle portion of the back and there is very littl ...

Management of Sudden Middle Back Pain

Back Pain & Injuries

Sudden middle back pain can be caused by various situations and conditions that include sudden injury or trauma, or it can be caused by poor posture, straining of the muscles in the back, and de ...

Causes of Back Pain That Moves Around

Back Pain & Injuries

Mechanical low back pain is a very common musculoskeletal problem. In the United States, it is the third most frequently reported symptom, and about 85% of the population will experience mechani ...

OLLIF versus OLIF: The Big Difference

Back Surgery

Low back pain is a common and expensive condition affecting approximately 80% of the individuals in the Western world at one point in their life. It is costly as it is one of the leading causes ...

Fusions Surgeries: ALIF and TLIF

Back Surgery

There are several options when it comes to surgical procedures meant to relieve back pain including spinal fusion surgery. Types of spinal fusion surgeries include ALIF, TLIF, PLIX, and XLIF. &n ...

Getting Confused With The LIF’s: A Brief Explanation

Back Surgery

Being diagnosed with a spinal condition where surgery may be the last resort can be overwhelming to any patient. Many patients find it hard keeping up with numerous medical terms. When it comes ...
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