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How to Prepare for your Inspired Spine Procedure

Back Surgery

If you’ve never had a major surgery before, undergoing a minimally invasive keyhole spine procedure can be stressful. But if you take the appropriate steps to prepare for the procedure, you wi ...

3 Tips for Recovering After Inspired Spine Surgery

Spine Health

One of the best things about Inspired Spine procedures is that they offer faster recovery times. That means you can return to work (and play) much quicker than you would be able to with traditio ...

Traditional vs. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Back Surgery

If you ever need to undergo a spine surgery procedure, you may not realize how lucky you are that you live in the year 2016. Not long ago, spinal surgeries were much more invasive, painful, and ...

Why Short Hospital Stays after Spine Surgery are Best

Spine Health

When it comes to something as complex as spine surgery, most patients think they will have to recover in the hospital for days after their procedure. But thanks to advancements in technology and ...

Why Does My Back Feel Hot?

Back Pain & Injuries

If you’ve ever spent a little too much time out in the sun without lubing up, you know what it feels like to have a back area that’s hot to the touch. ...

7 Symptoms of Spinal Infection After Surgery

Spine Conditions

Recovering after spine surgery is a process in itself, and that process can be complicated by the development of an infection. Even if your surgeon takes steps to mitigate the risk of an infecti ...

Conditions & Injuries Treated by Inspired Spine Surgery

Spine Conditions

The minimally invasive keyhole spine procedures pioneered by Inspired Spine can be helpful in the treatment of many spine injuries, diseases, and conditions. In this article, we are going to tou ...
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    I’m 100 times better. I can move again, I can bend, I can pick up my kids, I can go up and down stairs… it’s just absolutely wonderful.
    I don’t even feel like I had surgery, it was such a good experience.
    Patricia S.Inspired Spine Patient
    I needed to take a pill in order to go to work in the morning. Now my pain is gone.
    Susan M.Inspired Spine Patient