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Patient Testimonials

Inspired Spine Patients & Their Stories

Everything we do, every advancement we create in spinal treatment, is designed to make minimally invasive spinal care easier on you.

For all the people who are afraid of back surgery, who’ve been told “there’s nothing that can be done”, or who depend on narcotics for pain relief, we are inspired to make a difference in their lives.

Your Journey is Our Inspiration

Inspired Spine is truly inspired by our patients. Every one of our patients come from varied walks of life – and each have individual challenges and backgrounds. Their stories touch our lives every day and we are glad they have shared their back treatment journey with us. In turn, we’re glad we can share their stories with you.

We hope you’re inspired by their stories too.

OLLIF Patient Stories

The OLLIF (Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion) procedure is a minimally invasive spinal surgery created by Dr. Hamid Abbasi. It is used when the patient has tried other conservative treatments without significant improvement for conditions like scoliosisspondylolisthesisherniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

The procedure is faster than traditional lumbar fusion, requires much less blood loss, and provides the patient with excellent pain relief with a very brief recovery period.

But don’t just take our word on it. Below are a few patients who have had the OLLIF procedure. Here are their stories.

From bedridden from Degenerative Scoliosis to an active lifestyle again.

When Mary felt pain relief within a couple hours of surgery, she cried with joy.

US Veteran can enjoy his daily life again with pain relief from spinal surgery.

OLLIF Patient experiencing relief from nerve root irritation with good long term prognosis.

In 6 weeks, our patient is back to full daily activities after OLLIF surgery.

Complex scoliosis treated with Inspired Spine OLLIF Technique – 4 week status.

The difference between Open Spinal Surgery and OLLIF minimally invasive surgery.

Rosie was able to return to work just 3 weeks after OLLIF surgery at Inspired Spine.

A patient’s leg pain gone one day after spinal fusion surgery and can walk up to 3 miles/day.

Dan gets relief from constant back pain with Spinal fusion & laminectomy.

Various Inspired Spine MIS surgery follow up testimonials with senior patients.

Patient Relieved of Symptoms only 1 Month after MIS OLLIF surgery.

82 years old – One month after a 76 minute OLLIF procedure for complex L4 fracture.


MIS-DTIF Patient Stories

MIS-DTIF (Minimally Invasive Direct Thoracic Interbody Fusion) is an updated version of traditional, invasive thoracic surgeries that can treat degenerative disc disease, thoracic herniated discs, degenerative scoliosis, and other thoracic conditions with a fraction of the risk and healing time.

MIS-DTIF has many advantages over traditional thoracic surgery including decreased blood loss, reduced risk of infection, shorter hospital stay, no cutting or removal of bone or muscle tissue, less trauma to you and your body, and faster recovery time.

Inspired Spine is the ONLY spinal treatment provider in the nation that is able to perform an MIS-DTIF procedure.

MIS DTIF removed the pain and thoracic radiculopathy with a one night hospital stay!

She went on an international vacation months after her MIS DTIF surgery at Inspired Spine.

MIS DTIF used for thoracic disk herniation with very effective results.

Chronic pain relief and increased activity after an MIS DTIF procedure at Inspired Spine.