National Leader in Total Spine Health

National Leader in Total Spine Health

Back Surgery General Post Operative Restrictions

What Are Your Restrictions?

For any back surgeries, there are restrictions and limitations in the post operative period. We’ve listed the general post operative restrictions that are adhered to by Inspired Spine.

These restrictions are general and may not cover all of your specific instructions for your case. Further instructions regarding Restrictions and Return to Work status will also be discussed at your one month post-op appointment.

General Back Surgery Post Operative Restrictions

  • NO bending or twisting of the spine
  • NO climbing, crawling, kneeling or over the shoulder activities for 3 months
  • DO NOT do the same activity for more than 2 hours
  • Make frequent position changes, take breaks as needed
  • NO excessive activity and/or contact sports
  • Wear brace and/or collar for 6-8 weeks when riding in a car or doing and excessive activities, or specific activities that provoke pain or discomfort
  • The brace may also be worn in the afternoon when the pain is worse for support and comfort
  • Specific to SI Joint Fusion: Partial weight bearing status for 4-6 weeks post-operatively

Post Operative Lifting Limitations


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