About Inspired Spine

Our Commitment

Inspired Spine lives by only one commitment – to be a healthcare partner alongside every back pain sufferer in their pursuit of back pain relief and access to world leading care solutions.

Our Inspiration

We have personally suffered from back pain. We have known many people to suffer worse pain than we have suffered. A healthy back doesn’t just mean the pain is gone, it also means our lives have returned. We are active, participating and dependable in work, play, and the lives of others. We find inspiration through the determination and strength of our patients, and are inspired to bring that feeling and relief to others.

Our Purpose

To educate every back pain sufferer and healthcare provider to the unparalleled clinical superiority of Inspired Spine spinal fusion procedures and technology, The Inspired OLLIF and The Inspired MIS-DTIF.

Our Mission

Simply put, Inspired Spine is an agile, disruptive brand, focused on the development of advanced minimally invasive keyhole surgical techniques. Above all else, Inspired Spine is focused exclusively on those who are afflicted with disease and conditions of the spine. We develop world leading surgical procedures and healthcare technology that is focused on reducing or eliminating the physical and economic risks and discomfort that is created by the daily struggles of enduring back pain and its physical limitations. Whether it be chronic pain not mitigated through physical therapy and medication pain management, or the economic afflictions of a lengthy recovery period post traditional spine surgery, our development and design process starts with what will bring our patients back to a healthy, active life.

Developing New Technologies & Procedures

Inspired Spine has worked to develop technologies and procedures that not only address the patient’s original concern of back pain, but also address the possible economic concern of reduced income during a recovery period. Inspired Spine procedures reduce the length of spinal surgical procedures. Traditional spinal surgery addressing one disk can take about 4 hours. You can expect to be in the hospital for up to 5 days, and there will be a doctor recommendation for 3 months post-surgical recuperation.

In contrast, the same diagnosis of a herniated one level spinal disk with an Inspired Spine procedure will have your surgical time be 45 minutes. You will be home sleeping in your own bed the same day the surgery took place, and you will be asked to engage in “no sweat” activities for 2-3 weeks. No sweat activities is as it means.  You can enjoy walks, go out for dinner, and sit at your desk working on the computer. Activities such as running, cutting wood, or snowmobiling would be discouraged. However, sitting in an ice fishing house, walking the dog, or attending business meetings are all completely acceptable. Of course a patient’s health pre-surgery has much to do with determining what activities would be best for them, and they and their doctor will discuss post-surgery activities on a case by case basis.