4 Things to Expect after your Inspired Spine Surgery

inspired spine surgery

4 Things to Expect after your Inspired Spine Surgery

Many patients have no idea what to expect after spine surgery, and that can lead to a lot of anxiety. This article will offer a handful of things you can expect after undergoing a minimally invasive keyhole Inspired Spine procedure to reduce your pre-op anxiety and help you have a positive experience.

Short Hospital Stay

Inspired spine techniques allow your spine surgeon to complete your surgery very quickly. While other methods may take several hours, Inspired Spine procedures can be finished in under an hour. That shortened time means less surgical trauma (smaller incisions, less damage to your internal muscles and ligaments). This allows patients to return to the comfort of their homes soon after surgery. Many patients can even leave the hospital the day of their surgery. This, of course varies with each individual patient, but in general these procedures offer shorter hospital stays.

Quick Recovery

Another benefit of Inspired Spine’s less invasive procedures is that recovery becomes much easier. Many patients experience extreme pain after their spinal surgery for days, weeks, or months following the procedure. With an Inspired Spine procedure, many patients are back to physical activity and back to their day jobs within a few days or a week after surgery.

Minor Pain in the Short-term

Although Inspired Spine procedures offer a significant reduction in operating time and surgical trauma, they are still surgical procedures that require incisions. This means you may experience minor pain during recovery while your body heals. There’s no way to avoid this, but there are numerous methods for relieving pain during your recovery. Your surgeon will most likely prescribe you some pain medication for the days following your procedure. You can also use over the counter NSAIDs to reduce your pain while you recover.

Long-term Pain Relief

While you may deal with some minor surgery-related pain, the pain you were experiencing before your procedure will be greatly reduced. Inspired Spine surgeries offer long-term pain reduction. These are not “band-aid” treatments like injections. Inspired Spine procedures focus on fixing the root of the patient’s pain and resolving the issue for long-term pain relief.

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