3 Tips for Preventing Recovery Regression After Spine Surgery

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3 Tips for Preventing Recovery Regression After Spine Surgery

When you’re about to undergo spine surgery you want to set yourself up for a successful recovery. But sometimes patients can “hit a wall” during the recovery process. The goal of this article is to provide you with some tips for preventing a healing “plateau” after your spine surgery. These tips will ensure that you continue to progress during the healing process until you are back to your fully-functioning self.

What is a Healing Plateau or Regressive Recovery?

Before we dive into some tips and tricks for preventing recovery regression, let’s define our terms. A healing plateau occurs during surgery recovery when a patient’s healing progress halts. Recovery regression is one step beyond that, when the patient not only stops getting better, but begins to backslide and undo the healing they have already done.

Healing plateaus and regressions can happen for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps the patient is not following their doctor’s post-op recommendations, or the maybe another condition or injury is at play. Whatever the cause, patients always want to keep their recovery moving forward. If things start to regress, you need to take steps to correct the underlying issue(s) and get back on the path to a full recovery. Her are a few tips to do just that.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – you should always follow your doctor’s post-op orders. That includes taking any prescription medications, abiding by activity restrictions, and anything else your surgeon recommends. Your physician knows your medical situation better than anyone and has your best interests at heart. So whatever you do, listen to your doctor!

Maintain a Positive Attitude

When you reach a healing plateau it’s easy to get discouraged. But it’s important to stay optimistic in these situations. Your mental state and outlook have more impact than you realize on the healing of your physical body. If you’re feeling down during your recovery, spend time with friends and family, watch a funny movie, or do whatever brings a smile to your face to keep up that positive energy.

Contact Your Surgeon

Temporary healing plateaus are not uncommon. But if you notice that your condition is progressively worsening, contact your surgeon. There may be other factors at play (another illness or condition) that could be impeding your body’s ability to heal.

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