Inspired Spine Surgery

Chronic Back Pain?

Thousands of Americans suffer with back pain every day. But you don’t need to live your life in pain. Inspired Spine has developed world-leading surgical procedures and focused on reducing the physical and economic discomfort created by the daily struggles of enduring back pain.

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Inspired Spine Surgery

We have 2 study-backed spine surgery procedures that are currently being performed by minimally invasive spine surgeons across the country – The Inspired OLLIF and The Inspired MIS-DTIF. These procedures have been performed on hundreds of patients throughout the United States. Inspired Spine’s advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques offer the safest surgical procedures for spinal fusions. Additionally, Inspired Spine procedures provide 1/10th the blood loss of traditional non-minimally invasive spinal procedures.


See if you are a candidate for the most advanced minimally invasive technology available! Decreased operative time, blood loss, length of stay AND faster recovery.